Last week’s postcards talk about my need to draw every day or it “makes me grumpy “. Pretty funny, really, when you consider I probably spent all of about 3 or 4 hours in the studio that week. BloomsDay on Broadway, the storm of attention the media gave us and standing up at a friend’s very lovely wedding in the country all conspired to separate me from my paintbox. All good things to have in your life, but leaving little time for making paintings.

It seems that some of this is continuing this week and I’m loaded with meetings to keep the momentum moving on
ULYSSES “SEEN”. There should be lots to talk about that in the coming weeks but, this week at least, POSTCARDS FROM PHILADELPHIA will have to wait a few days before I get to pick up the paintbrush again.

Thanks to all of you for waiting as well. The little picture above, technically not part of the series, is just my little way of letting you know I appreciate it.